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the flagler core experience

the center for advising and core experience provides programming and support to assist you through your transition to college and guide you to graduation. from day one, you will have a team surrounding you, ready to help with any questions you have.

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your cace advisor is your personal guide through your core experience. from the moment students commit to flagler, they will be guided by expert assistance, who can help not only with academic needs, but also serve as a one-stop-shop for help and guidance with a variety of questions. new students will also be assigned a faculty mentor to help guide their entry into a major or minor. 

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first year experience

your experience is important to us, from the moment you receive your letter of admittance to the day you graduate from college and explore the next chapter in your life. your flagler college experience starts with your first year on campus. 

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general education

the purpose of the flagler college general education curriculum is to cultivate literate, creative, socially responsible, and self-reflective individuals. to that end, students at flagler college are required to complete specific groups of courses from a variety of fields to ensure exposure to different ideas and ways of thinking. the general education courses should occur at the freshman and sophomore levels and include courses designated in the categories of flagler core experience, foundations of knowledge, creative expression, and ways of knowing. because many of these lower numbered courses must be completed before other courses can be taken, students are advised to complete the general education courses as early as possible.

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as an integral component of your flagler college experience. the flagship (flagler college sophomore high impact practice) program will provide an intensive, engaged, and experiential learning experience for students in their second year at flagler. a variety of courses will be offered as part of the flagship program. these courses may utilize study abroad or study away travel, community integrative education, or an intensive seminar format, and are not major-specific. all of the courses seek to foster diverse interactions and build intercultural competence to prepare our students for engaged citizenship in a diverse global community. the 3-credits earned through the course will be applied toward your general education requirements.

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passport co-curricular program

the flagler passport co-curricular program requires all students to attend a variety of co-curricular events that best represent the literary, philosophical, visual, natural sciences, and performing arts traditions that are a hallmark of a well-rounded, cross-disciplinary, liberal education.


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